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August 31, 2004 news:

Hi -- I've decided to put together a zip file of the entire Teddy story. Please feel encouraged to keep the Teddy story on your computer to read and to pass the zip file around like you would an mp3. One stipulation: Please do not upload the Teddy story to your personal website without emailing me for permission and details, etc. For now I'd really prefer Teddy only be posted here, but for archival interests I'm posting this zip file. Thanks for the many of you who have written requesting such a thing be made available, and for your patience in me getting one prepared.

Download TEDDY with this link
-- (3.9 Mb file)

Note: when unzipped, open the "index.html" file to read.

This zip file is only offered for archiving and file-sharing, not for publishing this story elsewhere on the web, or for selling in any capacity.

Thanks, Ethan

February 2001
about this story:

TEDDY is an amusement by cartoonist Ethan Persoff. Certain parts of this story originally appeared as a weekly strip in the Austin-American Statesman

Teddy takes place in the midwest, about five or six years ago.

Cast of characters in order of appearance:
Teddy, Girl, Worm, Clown, Bird, and Clod
also featuring: buzzing insect, reoccuring windshield, toilet humor and rooftops

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Comments welcome epersoff@yahoo.com
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Ethan Persoff
p.o. box 7254
Austin, TX 78713-7254

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This story was drawn and written listening to:

Brainfreeze by Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow
On the Road by Sonny Terry, JC Burris and Sticks McGhee
Clouds Taste Metallic by the Flaming Lips
Pharaohs of Funk by DJ Flare and D-Styles

Ethan Persoff would like to give thanks to this a/m transistor radio

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thanks and god bless.
Ethan Persoff
february 2001

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