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MAIN ITEM: John Wilcock, New York Years — Currently serialized on Boing Boing. Read all issues here.

Comics with Problems
A comic to cure EVERY problem - From 1940s messages on Communism to other present-day hysteria. Featured on Mother Jones, Talking Points Memo, The Rachel Maddow Show, Metafilter, Jezebel, Wonkette, CSPAN and Air America.

Current Issue: YOUTH AND GHETTO (Super RARE Item)

The Realist Archive
As heard on WTF with Marc Maron, and recognized by the Webby Awards. Archive of Paul Krassner's groundbreaking 1960s counterculture satire magazine. Every issue scanned, restored, and viewable for free. Lenny Bruce, Robert Anton Wilson, others.
Now Available:

Winner of "weirdest website" at 2002 SXSW Interactive Festival. Have you read Teddy?

ALSO: Radio Wire
three issues now online

All print copies of Radio Wire now sold out (Thank you for your orders)

Finding other material here: For a list of personal projects, including the George Bush Tijuana Bible, the Poodle Samizdat cartoon, other things - click here.

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John Wilcock
A comic book histo...
Persoff & Marshall
Book Preview
Photo book

Mid-April 2019 Update: Completion on the Bureau Kickstarter
continues on a good pace. Everything should ship out early May.

NEW: From our new project, "SHORT STORIES"
(in progress)
A new track posted every week.

Appreciated comments on Short Stories:

Damn this is dark. I love it!!
Like a soundtrack for middle-america nightmares...

This series is absolutely phenomenal!!

So cool! Your pieces are like little memories.

Superb. Such a great mix of textures—Aural cinema.

This week's current track:

Thank you for your Kickstarter Pledges! Read below for our schedule getting you your books! But first, some new equipment and a new project.

March 12 2018


Received a Soma Ether (Serial Number 25!) this week and had to take it out on the town. There seems to be no end to what sounds can be caught with this wonderful EMF receiving 'anti-radio' from Soma Labs / Vlad Kreimer. Just received the Ether from Russia via USPS this morning. Here's raw audio of an hour in downtown Austin.

Postscript: Much appreciated, Soma Labs!

Also, I have a new project. It's presently called SHORT STORIES.
New track every week:

March 1 2018 - Kickstarter Funded!

Hooray, THANK YOU! We reached our goal by over 250%. I'm genuinely appreciative and looking forward to getting the books printed this month. If you pledged, depending on what level you selected, you're due for the book (in PDF or print) and a download of the full soundtrack. Presently it's looking like everything should ship to you and be downloadable in May. All pledges PDF and above will receive the total FIRST DAY PACK of goods, as well. Read through all the updates for more information. I'm especially excited about the 38 of you who opted for the Performance Evaluation package. Compliance Confirmed! More soon as the books get completed and sent out.

February 1 2018

Thank you for your support in getting a book made of the comic - Includes download code for all 9.7 hours of music and other surprises. Here's a short video I put together about the project and the equipment used in the recordings:


November 1 2018

THE WEEKLY BUREAU - Beginning Today

As stated below, The Bureau is now being serializing as a completed story. You can catch weekly installments on Boing Boing. Each post will be accompanied with a soundcloud playlist of the music for that section, and post at exactly the time indicated in the story.

Currently available:

The First Edition of The Weekly Bureau
Introduction (November 1 at 8:55am, PST)

The Second Edition of The Weekly Bureau
Soma Lyra 8 (November 7 at 10:03am, PST)

The Third Edition of The Weekly Bureau
Metasonix Modules (November 14 at 10:53am, PST)

The Fourth Edition of The Weekly Bureau
President Jung Thug (November 21 at 11:39am, PST)

The Fifth Edition of The Weekly Bureau
RF Nomad Shortwave Receiver (November 28 at 12:38pm, PST)

The Sixth Edition of The Weekly Bureau
The History of Telepathic Infant-Based Mind Control of U.S. Presidents (December 5 at 1:21pm, PST)

The Seventh Edition of The Weekly Bureau
Lockdown (December 12 at 2:18pm, PST)

The Eighth Edition of The Weekly Bureau
The Bombing of Building #4 (December 19 at 3:22pm, PST)

The Ninth Edition of The Weekly Bureau
"Your Sandwich Speaks!" — with SBaGen-based Digital Drugs (December 26 at 4:08pm, PST)

The Tenth Edition of The Weekly Bureau
"Your Sandwich Speaks!" — with SBaGen-based Digital Drugs (January 2 at 4:54pm, PST)

The Eleventh Edition of The Weekly Bureau
Hallucination Hardware (January 10 at 5:46pm, PST)

The Twelfth and Concluding Edition of The Weekly Bureau
THE END — Thank you! (February 7 at 6:09pm, PST)

Late October 2018

THE BUREAU dailies are complete!

Whoo boy, in what continues to be one of the most difficult projects I've ever done, the daily project THE BUREAU completed its first run on October 26.

Over ten months of posts: Minus one or two outages, managed to keep schedule for daily posts of comic art every day, M-F, since January 1st. Over two hundred separate audio tracks, for nine and a half hours, along with a complete day's worth of story.

There's a plan now to tidy up the art for final presentation, which you'll begin seeing starting this week as weekly installments. Check back here for more at November 1, 2018, 8:55am (PST) - And thank you for keeping up with The Bureau this far.

September 2018

Celebrating John Wilcock's Life

September was a tough month for a moment, as our longtime friend John Wilcock passed away. John, of course, is the subject of the biography comic that Scott Marshall and I have been working on for some years now. One of the goals of the comic was that John remain alive for its completion, but things didn't work out that way. Nonetheless, the project will complete in 2019. Scott and I have a bunch of nearly finished pages in the second series that will appear soon on Boing Boing, which will complete the second volume of comic strips.

Speaking of John and Boing Boing, I wrote this small piece on John on the morning of his death, Sept 13. Additionally, helped contribute to a few obituaries, read:

New York Times on John Wilcock

The Guardian on John Wilcock

All Journalism on John Wilcock

And this terrific piece from The Village Voice

Our love to John as we finish this book celebrating his work and life.

January 1 2018

Announcing: THE BUREAU!

Very pleased to begin daily postings, Monday through Friday, of an album I've been preliminarily working on for around four years, titled "THE BUREAU". The idea behind the album is it's a full working day at a job, meaning when it is complete, there will be around nine hours of music - sufficiently filling an entire day of work with electronic noise. Each moment of a day is timed to a track of music along with a custom comics panel. I'll be drawing panels every day throughout the year to complete the album.

View daily updates on Twitter, Soundcloud, or Facebook as they are posted. Discuss the album here. And to follow as a podcast, use to this RSS Feed.

Daily updates at

Read on for other news on The Realist Archive (now available in PDF), our talk in Parsons NYC, Washington Post on John Wilcock, as well as its inclusion in Best American Comics 2017, and enjoy the music from The Bureau below. Cheers, Ethan






February 2017 - New issue of Comics with Problems

Item: New issue of Comics with Problems: YOUTH IN THE GHETTO!

This is an amazing item that I'd been seeking a copy of for years. This is very likely the most pristine copy known to exist. Typically found in tatters or incomplete, Youth In the Ghetto was a one-shot comic book distributed by Haryou (Harlem Youth Unlimited) in the 1960s as a comic book version of their report on youth in the city. It's pretty amazing. After a multi-year effort to find and scan a copy, I think I stumbled into very possibly the best existing example to survive. Here is YOUTH IN THE GHETTO.

January 24 2017 - A few press items and other materials

Our talk at Parsons School of Design at the New School

Returned from New York in November, after speaking at the NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium on November 7th. I love that city. The night was a lot of fun, in a two hour talk that detailed Comics with Problems, The Realist archive, and the John Wilcock comic. I'll post photos or video soon, as it was recorded for their spoken history project on cartoonists and their work. Thank you genuinely to all that came out for the talk. Local hero (and genius/hero of mine) Robert Sikoryak was in attendance and captured some terrific sketches of the event. See all four pages of Sikoryak's wonderful sketches here. (They actually capture the mood and sequence of the presentation, in full)


Our thanks go out to Jason Witherspoon, who has provided The Realist Archive a set of text searchable PDFs of each issue. This vastly improves the searchability and usefulness of the archive itself. It's presently on me to add the PDFs in, and I'm doing so in order, from 1 til 146. You can presently access PDFs on the first seven issues (Begin with issue number one) I'm taking this opportunity to also add a 'Next Issue' and 'Previous Issue' button to each issue, which will allow scanning through the set much easier, as well. Our thanks to Jason for such impressive work on this. All issues will be set up with PDFs soon.


Very happy to mention the John Wilcock comic has been included in this year's BEST AMERICAN COMICS (amazon link) — Reviewing the volume, the Washington Post commented that Wilcock is "A deftly presented bio-comic that illuminates New York’s underground press movement at midcentury." (link) - Much appreciated, thank you.


"Persoff's site is deep, well-scanned and researched, and completely unique." — SPD Blogs

"Evil Genius" — Dangerous Minds - Ha, thanks.

Photo of Ethan Persoff Ethan Persoff
P.O.Box 7254, Austin TX 78713 USA


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