Dedicated to Alger Hiss and Ernie Kovacs


SPREE: An Escape from Reality
music by Ethan Persoff ... IN COLOR

dedicated to Alger Hiss and Ernie Kovacs

recorded and assembled November 2003 – January 2005
released in two parts - sides one and two September 04 and sides three and four January 05


download side 1... download side 2

download side 3... download side 4


this is Horse #005

Previous catalogue:

Horse #000 - Save This For Later: 1993-1997 Chicago (out of print)
Horse #001 - forty minutes forty memories: Live at Harry's Loft (out of print)
Horse #002 - SNAP! (click to listen)
Horse #003 - 25 Lessons in HYPNOTISM (click to listen)
Horse #004 - "I Stayed Home..." (click to listen)



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