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Presenting Nancy Reagan's only contribution
to the exciting world of Music Video and Rock

We are proud to present this item after extensive search, finalizing with negotions with a defunct URL television station who traded us this master copy for a bottle of vodka.

ere it is:
(note .mov file removed, now posted to youtube)

download/view the file at this link

Additional links if bandwidth is currently exceeded: YouTube | iFilm

MUSIC (in order of appearance)
New Edition - Steve Arrington - Tim Feehan - Whitney Houston
Jon Burford - LaToya Jackson - Kimaya Koepke - Herb Alpert
Linda Stokes and Jackie Ball (of Magic Lady) - Steve Arrington
Toni Basil - Tim Feehan - Tata Vega - Andre and Sandra Crouch

and Introducing (in her First Rock Video)
First Lady Nancy Reagan

VIDEO Special Guest Appearances
Lyle Alzado - Kim Fields - David Hasselhoff - Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Casey Kasem - Stacey Keach - David Kieth - Michele Lee
Daphne Maxwell - John Matuzak - Gerald McRaney
Jameson Parker - Nancy Reagan - Tim Reid - Arnold Schwarzeneggar
and the Goodyear Blimp

Claudia Wells (see also)
and Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers (aka Turbo from Breakin')

Where are they now?

more information about this video found here


I believe that together you and I can save a life today.

We can stop a killer from reaching into minds and throwing lives away.

Drugs are causing pain and everyone's a loser in this deadly game that's played.

It's insanity. We know that dope is slavery.

And you know we've got to be free ... come on now, we've got to stop the madness.

Stop the madness now
Stop the madness
Stop the madness now.

Tell me what you're doing trying to get some pleasure from an empty high.

Only fools will tell you using drugs is really a victimless crime.

There are casualties standing at the graves of children.

Feel the tears they cry.

Take a stand today; maybe it's your life you'll save.

You know there's got to be another way; everybody let me hear you say ...

Stop the madness
Stop the madness now
Stop the madness
Stop the madness now.

Brother, we heard your cry for some assistance.
Drugs are making your mind a man-made hell.

You thought that using dope would be a party.
Now you're a prisoner in a cell crying to be free.

You wanna stop the madness.
Stop the madness now
Stop the madness
Stop the madness now.


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