PAGE FIVE is broken up into small sections: 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5

2:18pm, Lockdown in the Building.

2:22pm, The Gunman is Screaming.

2:23pm, Tables are Slammed Against the Door.

2:25pm, The Floating Infant Brain Presents Itself.


2:35pm, The Gunman is Attacked by the Floating Head.

2:38pm, A Trap is Being Set.

2:39pm, The Infant Brain's Misogynist Lecture.

2:41pm, Pulling the Infant Brain to the Floor.

2:43pm, Ruthless Hand to Brain Combat.

2:45pm, The Brain is Incapacitated.

2:47pm, The CIA Scrambles into a Counterplan.

2:49pm, Operation: Sand and Petals is Initiated.

2:57pm, Four Other Cities Targeted as a Distraction.

3:09pm, The Fourth Bomb Will Be Dropped Inert.

Simple Room.

3:14pm, Back at the Office.

3:16pm, The Intruders Have Overtaken the Intercom.