PAGE FIVE is broken up into small sections: 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5

3:48pm, Calm Yourself Down.

3:51pm, You've Found a Road.

3:52pm, You Continue Ahead.

3:54pm, The Town is Interesting.

3:57pm, The Town is Unfriendly.

3:58pm, Whispers in the Walls.

4:00pm, You Begin Running.

4:03pm, "Just Give Me Back."

4:05pm, "The Resonating Mind"

4:08pm, Early Evening News

4:16pm, Under the Tree

4:18pm, You Feel Fine.

4:24pm, Rolling It Into a Wrap.

4:27pm, Pondering Control.

4:30pm, Aboard the Train.

4:32pm, High Alert, But Calm.

4:33pm, A Live Video, But Fake.

4:36pm, Cosmic Trigger.

4:38pm, A Stranger Cries.

4:40pm, You Have a Photo.

4:42pm, Dammit, a Beacon.

4:45pm, A Fresh Approach.

4:47pm, Satisfied He's Dead.

4:49pm, Police and Drones.

4:50pm, She Grabs Your Hand.

4:51pm, Running to Back of the Train.

4:53pm, Escaping.