PAGE FIVE is broken up into small sections: 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5

4:54pm, Introspection.

4:56pm, A Seat at the Bar.

4:59pm, A Question.

5:02pm, Money.

5:06pm, Opportunity.

5:07pm, Proposal.

5:11pm, Do This For Me.

5:16pm, Decision.

5:17pm, Clarity.

5:19pm, Separation.

5:21pm, Departure.

5:22pm, Shifting Sense.

5:27pm, Adjustment

5:29pm, Peaking

5:35pm, Grief

5:38pm, Fear

5:41pm, Sheol

5:44pm, Barzakh (and Death)

5:46pm, Train Stops.

5:47pm, Door Opens.

5:50pm, Debris from the Bomb.

5:51pm, Trash Fire.

5:53pm, Haunting.

5:55pm, Celebration.

5:57pm, A Voice in the Wind.

6:01pm, The Brain is in Your Head.

6:04pm, Your Boss is a Wreck.

6:07pm, Your Boss Dissolves.

6:09pm, Your Pocket Sings.

6:11pm, Proposition.

6:12pm, Concentrate!

6:13pm, DONE!

6:15pm, Immediate Evening.

6:16pm, A Success.

6:18pm, A Request.

6:19pm, Banjo Interlude.

6:23pm, No Abandonment.

6:26pm, Looking at Him.

6:29pm, Wanting.

6:30pm, Conclusion.

Closing Credits - THE END.

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