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You are reading issue No. 119: MURPHY BROWN HAS HER BABY and CAN YOU PASS THE CLARENCE THOMAS TASTE TEST? - Winter, 1992
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WINTER 1992 CONTENTS: Page 01: MURPHY BROWN HAS HER BABY (art by Kalynn Campbell) -- Page 02: COURT JESTER - The Night Bill Graham Died - Satirical Prophecy On the March - Disinformation in the Service of Truth -- Page 03: WHY I LEAKED THE ANITA HILL AFFIDAVIT and MY TWO SLICES by Bob Slaymaker -- Page 04: TRANSSEXUAL HARASSMENT by Harry Shearer and Caller -- Page 05: STANDUP COMICS AND THE SENATE HEARINGS, a Survey by Laura Daltry and DAVID LETTERMAN'S TOP 10 CLARENCE THOMAS PICKUP LINES -- Page 06: THE LAST PYRAMID SCHEME by Rex Weyler -- Page 07: YET ANOTHER CONSPIRACY by Carol Hatfield and END OF THE WORLD NEWS -- Back Cover: MEDIA FREAK - Just Say Scandal - Asshole of the Month - Acting on Principle - Modern Cinderella Story - Filler Items

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